Honda Integra


Honda Integra for sale in Peterborough

Fittingly, for a machine that breaks the mould the Integra?s flowing style is all its own and the LED headlight and taillight inject a visible touch of class. The LCD instruments ? with variable colour display ? can be personalised and present a premium image. Two Special Edition (SE) colour schemes, in a new grade of paint with a unique metallic lustre, add further appeal.

The Integra?s 745cc twin cylinder engine puts out strong low-to-mid range torque, delivering strong acceleration from very low rpm. It returns 28.6km/l (WMTC mode) and now features Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), which can also be turned off.

The DCT features a more natural ?feathered? clutch feel around an on/off throttle. For sportier riding, there are 3 levels of S mode for gear changes in AT mode and raised rpm upper limit for downshifts in MT mode.

Also available for 2018 is a 35kW version allowing A2 licence holders to enjoy the Integra. This new version can easily be converted to a full power version at the appropriate time at a Honda dealer.

24 month warranty as standard

GREY, 0 , 2 miles, £8,899.00.