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Honda Sh Mode 125 for sale in Peterborough

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Since the arrival of the original SH50 in 1984, the enduring popularity of Honda?s SH scooter series has earned it the status of a brand within a brand, relied upon by people all over Europe as an integral part of their daily lives. During that time, the SH family has constantly grown and evolved, with sales totaling over a million units since its introduction. The first four-stroke SH125, launched in 2001, found instant success thanks to excellent engine performance and fuel economy plus nimble, sure-footed handling and reassuring stability ? from its 16-inch wheels ? on rougher roads. The 2005 SH125i debuted PGM-FI fuel injection, and t 2013 model, featuring an all-new frame, Honda?s next generation ultra-efficient engine and underseat storage for a full-face helmet, built strongly on the SH history of sales success. The SH remains without doubt the benchmark urban scooter. The SH Mode 125, a smart scooter in every sense, offers a unique combination of premium and chic on- trend style, easy and secure use, and low running costs. Th SH Mode 125 is designed from the outset around some key baselines. Firstly, a comfortable and upright riding position plus compact body style and low seat height. Ease of use ? wheeling it around, getting on and off, and operation were also important considerations. And as a mode aimed, in the main, at the fashion-conscious young rider it had to look good, both when parked and when being ridden; to that end, numerous sketches were made early in the development process both with and without rider. All-round utility and accessibility is provided by plenty of useful storage space, compliant suspension and a comfortable ride. Standard fitment Combined Braking System (CBS) ensures confident stopping for the less experienced rider while the SH Mode?s 125cc engine ? tuned for easy control at low-to- mid rpm ? serves up gentle and usable acceleration with outstanding fuel economy and reliability.

RED, 125 cc, 2 miles, £2,749.00.