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Thanks for visiting Used Bikes UK. Here you'll find thousands of quality Used Motorcycles, available for sale from authorised dealers from across the UK.

What makes this used bike website different?

One of the most significant differences between Used Bikes UK and other Used Bike websites is the fact that all the bikes listed here are exclusively from registered UK dealers, and it costs the dealers nothing to list their bikes here.

Used Bikes UK is a website provided free of charge to hundreds of quality motorcycle dealers - with the ultimate goal of reducing dealer overheads, therefore helping the motorcycle industry. Advertising used bikes on other websites can be very expensive for the dealers, sometimes costing £000's per month, which can impact the sale price of a used bike...

The motorcycle industry is tough at the moment - it's our absolute goal to help dealers reduce their overheads, which may will be reflected in lower prices for you, the bikers buying these bikes, which will ultimately help the overall market and keep us bikers biking and the dealer doors open! :)

Clutter free - no advertising, just good old simple searching

It's no surprise that Google is, by a country mile, the most popular search engine. Their homepage is beautifully simple, just a search box - with no advertising clutter or annoying pop-ups. We've followed their lead here - the Used Bike UK homepage is simple and effective - simply choose the make and model you're looking for and click go. You can also search by popular makes in a single click.

Help us help you!

Please share this website with your fellow bikers - and between us we can help to reduce the overall costs to dealers, and ultimately reduce the sale prices of Used Bikes!